Miljenko Matijevic has taken rock music to a whole new level.  Fusing the past, present and the future together, he has created an undeniable piece of art “A modern day Led Zeppelin” (Mitch Lafon BW&BK). Matijevic’s vocals are better than ever, every song takes you on a journey; a journey that paints a portrait of his life and in doing so enables the listener to feel the song as if it were his own. A voice full of passion, power and depth, this is one album that seriously rocks. The album consists of everything from raw heavy guitars to a full orchestra which was recorded at Sky Walker Sound. Written, produced, designed and conceived by himself, he truly has embarked on a new beginning, sit back and enjoy the ride….


After the accident and a long recovery period I decided it was time to move on. I assembled a new band and recorded the album "Wait". The album was produced by me, Miljenko Matijevic and Kit Woolven for MCA Universal, which was later released by D.M.L/ Mitsubishi and Samsung for Asia. We recorded the album in England and Connecticut, USA. The album was only released in the Asian territory due to legalities. It was well received and the song WAIT became a hit single in many of the Asian countries. I have also included the video "WAIT" in the STEELHEART DVD.


By me and Tom Werman for MCA Universal. It was also recorded in sunny Los Angeles California. This was a high energy album, the band was on full power. The song "Mama Don't You Cry" reached #1 in many of the Asian countries, which lead to an MTV Unplugged performance in Hong Kong. Three of those songs are featured on the Steelheart DVD. Unfortunately the tour and album came to an abrupt stop. On Halloween night during our 50th show, the lighting truss fell on my head during a performance at the Denver Arena. You can read more about this in my Biography and see live footage of the accident by visiting this link.


The debut album "STEELHEART" was released in 1991. This was an extremely fun record to make. It was recorded in sunny Los Angeles California, produced by Mark Opitz for MCA Universal. The album charted in the top 100 and the single 'Ill Never Let You Go' charted to #14 on the Billboard top 40. "She's Gone" was #1 on the international charts for 17 weeks. We made four videos for this album which are included in the STEELHEART DVD, available here.


DVD 1 - Japan Tour '90: 'Love Ain't Easy', 'Like Never Before', 'Gimmie Gimmie', 'Girl Gone Crazy', 'I'll Never Let You Go', 'Can't Stop Me Lovin' You', Drum/Guitar Solo, 'Rock N' Roll (I Just Wanna)'. Videos: 'I'll Never Let You Go', 'Can't Stop Me Lovin' You', 'She's Gone', 'Everybody Loves Eileen', 'Sticky Side Up', 'Wait'. Acoustic Show (from Hong Kong): 'She's Gone', 'Sheila', 'Mama Don't You Cry', 'Electric Chair', 'Shangrila'.

DVD 2 -Bootleg Concert - Toad's Place '91: Backstage, 'Like Never Before', 'Everybody Loves Eileen', Instrumental Jam, 'Sheila', 'I'll Never Let You Go', 'She's Gone', 'Down 'N Dirty'. Extras: 'I'll Never Let You Go' (TV), 'She's Gone' (TV), The Making Of 'Everybody Loves Eileen', 'She's Gone' (alternate version), Before Steelheart There Was 'Red Alert', Photo Gallery, Interview - London '90, Interview - New Haven '91, Interview - Hollywood '92, The Making Of 'Tangled In Reins', Soundcheck, The Accident In Denver.



Making the album for the movie "ROCK STAR" was a great experience. I worked along side with talented artists such as Zakk Wylde, Jason Bonham, and Jeff Pilson. Ironically the album was produced by Tom Werman who was also a producer for my second album "Tangled in Reins". In the movie I was the voice of Mark Walhberg. I sang eight songs one of which was "We All Die Young" from my previous album "Wait". However, only three of the songs are on the movie soundtrack.