STEELHEART RELEASE TIMELY AND POWERFUL VIDEO “TRUST IN LOVE” Available March 2, 2022 (Korean Version).  US version coming soon!!!

Los Angeles, CA – The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (KCCLA) joined Miljenko Matijević’s (STEELHEART) upcoming music video “Trust in Love”.

Matijević is the lead singer of the American musical group “Steelheart”, highly popular with Korean fans from their hit song “She’s Gone.” Matijević appeared in numerous Korean TV programs like the ‘Masked Singer’ and ‘Flaming Youth’ and he was in various K- drama soundtracks. 

“Trust in Love” is a very special song for Matijević; he remembers how he wrote the song: “One night after watching the news on television, I was saddened to hear about the pain and the suffering of what the people of North and South Korea are going through. I turned off the television and sat down at my piano, immediately a song started writing itself before me. The words ‘Trust in Love’ came to me and I knew this song was meant for the Korean people. A song to help unify the Korean peninsula, with a new understanding of peace and love. I wrote the lyrics in English and then it was translated into Korean. I believe my words were beautifully translated.”

Wijin Park, Director of Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, said, “We celebrate 140 year-diplomatic ties between the US and Korea this year. Miljenko and I picked the Korean Friendship Bell, which is a landmark in San Pedro, California. Also, he and I thought it would be meaningful for us to wear Hanbok in the ‘Trust in Love’ music video. KCCLA will do more celebrity collaboration programs like this in the future.”

“Trust In Love” will be released simultaneously in Korea and the United States as follows: March 3rd at 12:00 in Korea through various Korean music platforms; and March 2nd at 22:00 EST in the United States through Spotify, Apple, Amazon and other U.S. music platforms.

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